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cogs & gears

I love watches. They are like mechanical hearts. Life beginning when a pulse feeds its tocks & ticks. Each moment whirs and clicks into place like it’s meant to be. A technique behind the mechanical flight across days and weeks. … Continue reading

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The Unborn Orphan.

I thought I had lost all my poems when my hard disk crashed last year, but recently retrieved…Here it is! Had been meaning to share this for quite some time!

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A nation’s cry & A nation’s curse!

   Our anguish and protests are preferred unsaid while made to mourn over foreign soldiers dead  We are ordered to be deaf to cries of agony & speak not loud when white’s shown as ebony  Blind folded we walk …& … Continue reading

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I am what I believe!

I am the eyes, I am the vision The core, the acid, and the fission I am the hypnotic flame and the fervent moth around it I am the words of the song and I am how it sounded I … Continue reading

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YOU are no God!

| In the light of recent events, where the world is being divided into sects and creed. their caste decides their fate and mortals decided whether they deserve to live or not. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Shia, Sunni, Ahmedis, Tableeghis – … Continue reading

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