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Albela Rahi

Our lives have a purpose; to be useful, to be helpful and to be hopeful. Without compassion and the will to make lives better for others, we can’t really say that we’ve done well with our life. These don’t have … Continue reading

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Islamic VS Conventional Banking

With my recent understanding of Islamic VS Conventional Banking, I thought why not explain some basics to people like myself who struggle with financial terms. So here it is!

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The Dawn Syndrome

Whose fault is it for creating the impression that you’re really not worth reading until published by Dawn in Pakistan? I don’t know, but I think I’ve made it to the ‘worth-reading’ list by publishing standards 🙂 Personally, I think … Continue reading

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OMG you’re 30 & havent planned for retirement yet?

I know for most you young readers, the topic of retirement planning will not catch your interest only because a retirement isn’t even on the horizon for you at this point, but out-of-sigh-out-of-mind things don’t stop existing. Perhaps at your … Continue reading

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Lets move beyond mindless patriotism

Camera charged, new memory card with added space inserted. Even dressed in green, I was literally jumping with excitement on our way to Wagah to witness the daily border parade. The adrenaline at the venue was mind blowing but more … Continue reading

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Has intolerance become our curse?

Humanity and forbearance in Pakistan fell from its high throne a long time ago but today, as the day marks just the 2nd week in the new decade, it’s wallowing in filth. Our ideology has relegated from goodwill to all … Continue reading

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What Pakistan needs is a PR Agency!

A realization that hit when I saw Veena Malik and Ali Saleem make a grand fool of themselves on Indian reality show – BiGG BoSS 4 – At this crucial stage in Pakistan’s history, no Pakistani national without spokesperson permit should be allowed to speak on International Media! Continue reading

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Road Rage-Ramadan-Roza jo hai!!

Allah knew that unless reminded continuously, our nature would immediately revert to our primitive side, Tribal, barbaric… & so he thought why not an entire month of refresher training to teach us discipline & self control, to distill a sense … Continue reading

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A nation’s cry & A nation’s curse!

   Our anguish and protests are preferred unsaid while made to mourn over foreign soldiers dead  We are ordered to be deaf to cries of agony & speak not loud when white’s shown as ebony  Blind folded we walk …& … Continue reading

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Carly Fiorina uses the Muslim heritage as an example

I attended a session on Leadership & Change today held arranged by a member of the senior management who introduced us to Carly Fiorina. Carly was the businesswomen who showed new heights to giants like Lucent (which crashed after she … Continue reading

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