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Marriage is the solution to all relationship problems – Not!

(Response to someone’s rant on a blog I came across) Thinking that a marriage is the solution to all relationship problems – is probably the worst reason to get married for. I’m not going to make clichéd claims revolving around … Continue reading

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Albela Rahi

Our lives have a purpose; to be useful, to be helpful and to be hopeful. Without compassion and the will to make lives better for others, we can’t really say that we’ve done well with our life. These don’t have … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Another Girl In The Mall:
P&G Pakistan embarks yet again on a CSR project amongst its multiple already. the Karo Yaqeen campaign lies under the ‘Always’ wing [pun very much intended 🙂 ] and champions ‘Women Empowerment’…

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Originally posted on Dimagh ki Bhatti :
Dec 24, 2012 a quiet, laid back day, Boss away from the office, no pressing work, I sat in my office chair, legs fully extended, yawning like crazy while listening to Jeff Buckley’s rendition…

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Wants are easy. Growing with your capacity to want & to be able to get. Never more never less. Its what you need that stays elusive. Incessantly clawing at your insides till you want to stop living for the need … Continue reading

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cogs & gears

I love watches. They are like mechanical hearts. Life beginning when a pulse feeds its tocks & ticks. Each moment whirs and clicks into place like it’s meant to be. A technique behind the mechanical flight across days and weeks. … Continue reading

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Changing skies

Have you ever noticed how the sky looks completely different in a different city? The same continuous stretch of ozone and blue that wraps the world, differs across borders. I love it when the skies change. I hate it when … Continue reading

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Islamic VS Conventional Banking

With my recent understanding of Islamic VS Conventional Banking, I thought why not explain some basics to people like myself who struggle with financial terms. So here it is!

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Shameless Selfish Me.

The thought of your perfect world coming down like cotton fluff and cards.The impeding sense of some wrong doings brought on by a series of dreams, visions, feelings.. …Wehem… When you ask your mom what to recite to ward of … Continue reading

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The Dawn Syndrome

Whose fault is it for creating the impression that you’re really not worth reading until published by Dawn in Pakistan? I don’t know, but I think I’ve made it to the ‘worth-reading’ list by publishing standards 🙂 Personally, I think … Continue reading

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