all that meyyum-ness!

Writing about self is probably the most vain difficult thing to do!
Summing it up is tougher =)

So what does a person who is delusional, idealistic, and opinionated yet is an utterly hopeless romantic; say about herself?

Not much really!
Except when it comes to explaining my dogma which has a tendency of looking at things from the most twisted angles possible.
And then there is the random and frequent blurting out raw emotions without considering how it would appear to a reader or a listener

Penning my thoughts on this blog is because of a horrid break up with my beloved diary who thinks im cheating on it with my laptop which has itself glued to my finger tips (even though the relationship is truly professional) and because there is a cultural clash between the traditional pen and paper concept and a modernized me!
…though I cant help and sneak back at the most crucial of the times to my first love…my diary!


13 Responses to all that meyyum-ness!

  1. Aby says:

    Gosh! Pretty!!!

  2. ”mayyum” the nick is very cute 😉

  3. Omair Khalid says:

    u look like perveen shakir 🙂

  4. If you are interested in blogging for us please do email us


  5. gital parekh says:

    hi…read some of the stuff you have written…quite honest…and heartfelt…may i add u on facebook…kindly mail me if i can add…thanks…keep up the amazing work and keep penning your honest thoughts

  6. Tya Khan says:

    Hey hope ur having a great weeekend, I just nominated you for The Kreativ Bloggers Award, Check out the nomination on
    Keep writing good stuff

  7. Zain R. Mian says:

    Haha, I still can’t see why you don’t do both? I blog and write in my diary. I know blogs are freeing and stuff, but nothing, absolutely nothing can replace a diary. It has this feeling of permanence, more than anything else. 🙂

  8. taqivirani says:

    If Komal rizvi ever see you she may got reservations with your looks 🙂

    Have a good life.. TC

  9. ahem ahemm…
    DEEPP …
    never knew this side of u…
    keep it up !!!

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