Marriage is the solution to all relationship problems – Not!

(Response to someone’s rant on a blog I came across)

Thinking that a marriage is the solution to all relationship problems – is probably the worst reason to get married for.

I’m not going to make clichéd claims revolving around marriage being a sacred institution; this has been inculcated deeply already in our culture as soon as puberty hits – At times even earlier.

But making a marriage work is undoubtedly the biggest challenge you will ever face in your life & it will be a 24/7 job. Dealing with multiple people from different schools of thoughts and backgrounds; all of who carry their own baggage and experiences. No breaks, no vacations, no leaves.

The efforts you put in will be your own, the benefits you reap will be yours and so will be the losses. In this job, no action; big or small can be pushed aside believing that it doesn’t affect you because directly or indirectly IT WILL AFFECT YOU!

However, the one thing that can help overcome all problems is mutual respect.
Give it. Earn It. Inculcate it in your off springs.

Respect for each other has the power to solve things where love seems to fade, tolerance teeters at the edge, lack of dialogue or a cold war gridlock

& especially when you start to wonder “Why did I even…?”

The only thing that will keep you from going over the edge is respect for the other.

The only thing that’ll keep them from doing something drastic against you is respect.

Fear & Respect are two very different things.


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6 Responses to Marriage is the solution to all relationship problems – Not!

  1. Hamza says:

    I like the ending line; fear and respect are indeed two very different things

  2. Tya Khan says:

    how i love it n how i wish all would understand this simple basic thing n half of the bad marriages will turn good
    My mom in law told me in the initial months that 5 “T’s” are very important to hold n retain a good marriage
    Touch, Talk, Time, Tolerance, Trust

    and i truely believe that if these 5 T’s are taken care of, most marriages will flourish amazingly 🙂
    LOVED ur post!

  3. Rai M Azlan says:

    completely agree with the aspect of respect. well i can not comment on the whole thing having zero experience or at least near to zero. having said that marriage indeed is not an experimental think that one should opt just to see if it can work out relative and irrelative things.
    and yes respect and fear are two different things but in every day life they are confused with one another

  4. Tya Khan says:

    I left you a lil some thing sweet on my blog 🙂
    chk it out

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