Albela Rahi

Our lives have a purpose; to be useful, to be helpful and to be hopeful. Without compassion and the will to make lives better for others, we can’t really say that we’ve done well with our life.

These don’t have to be huge acts of philanthropy; these don’t even have to involve monetary donations but can be something as simple as making people smile to lessen their burdens for a while.

Coke rekindles the spirit of kindness with its latest campaign as it shows ordinary people like me and you, indulging in random acts of kindness. Alamgir’s Albela Rahi isn’t just the perfect background to the ad but also an act of recognizing our national treasures.

The team at Coke doesn’t stop at just a simple ad, they have developed a portal that records your contributions as stories and pictures of various acts of kindness. The momentum grows as the word spreads.


Contribute your stories and pictures at the Coke – Wall of Kindness and view what others had to share too while you listen to Albela Rahi!

Ps: Coke’s twitter stream can be followed at #Crazy4Good too

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coke 2


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