Another Girl In The Mall

P&G Pakistan embarks yet again on a CSR project amongst its multiple already.

the Karo Yaqeen campaign lies under the ‘Always’ wing [pun very much intended 🙂 ] and champions ‘Women Empowerment’ via education for young girls. The company and the brand under the Karo Yaqeen banner have and will continue to award several scholarships to females across Pakistan.

This platform aims to provide young Pakistani girls an opportunity to openly express themselves and instill in them the confidence to pursue their ambitions.

The gorgeous Amina Shaikh and the recently nominated for Women of the Year award; Zeb & Haniya are brand ambassadors for this campaign. Given the present day situation of Pakistan and the gradual rise in women empowerment, this campaign will go a long way.

Amina wore the brand’s new colors to the launch which consisted not only of the media but also female bloggers, career women and socialites…

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