Remember the gift distribution activity I had been tweeting about all of 24th & 25th December’12? Well Here is what happened.

Dimagh ki Bhatti

Dec 24, 2012 a quiet, laid back day, Boss away from the office, no pressing work, I sat in my office chair, legs fully extended, yawning like crazy while listening to Jeff Buckley’s rendition of NFAK’s halka halka suroor. Having read tweets from nearly two days ago till the previous minute, I had now started abusing the refresh button on the browser, but to my dismay, information wasn’t pouring in at the rate at which I was hoping it would. During one of these abuse sessions, I read a tweet from one of my acquaintances, FurSid.

Someone he knew, Halima, was asking people to pledge money so that she could go and buy presents for the less fortunate kids to make it a special day for them. I pledged my share and then a thought buzzed through my head. I got up from my seat and headed to the seat…

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