Changing skies

Have you ever noticed how the sky looks completely different in a different city?

The same continuous stretch of ozone and blue that wraps the world, differs across borders.

I love it when the skies change.
I hate it when people do.


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9 Responses to Changing skies

  1. Rai M Azlan says:

    gazing at sky during summer evenings used to be my favourite time pass back in early 90s when i used to be a kid. and i guess that has been the reason sky blue became my most favourite colour. but over the years this habit changed so was the colour of sky it became brown, yellow, orange, a dusty blue in fact anything but Sky Blue. two years back when i came to Wales for my studies i became a kid gain the reason was the presence of my most favourite colour over my head. Yes Sky looks different in different cities, but fact remains the good change and the bad change it is there all because of PEOPLE who change 🙂

  2. Tya Khan says:

    but people always do 😦

  3. why hate it when people do?

  4. mominalatif says:

    It truly sucks when people change, leaving you gaping like a fish.

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