Allah Mian is the coolest!

Dear Allah Mian,

Please forgive me if my words are not respectful & worthy enough to be addressed you with. I know this appears too casual…too conversational…But this is the only way I know of when talking to people I love.
Allah Mian Ji…you are the coolest!
The ultimate best..seriously..You Rock!
& I love you!
…& You know why, I can feel you smiling down on me with an “I-told-you-so look”
yes yes, I deserve that look because despite of you reminding me every time not to, my faith wavers & stumbles in hard times…
…I’m just human

But thank you for having faith in me!
Thank you for being there to catch me every time I stumble, Thank you for not just helping me stand back but for putting me back up there!

Yours ‘sincerely’
Puny Human 🙂


About Marium Arif

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7 Responses to Allah Mian is the coolest!

  1. Tya Khan says:

    I have fallen in love with ur post :D, Very well written, short yet expressive and meaningful

  2. Trust me, at times that’s how I talk to Allah Mian too at times!

  3. demonsking19 says:

    well nice post, but i got some objections, Donot Right ALLAH Mian, its a sin, Miyan is written either for a husband or either for a pimp, its a wrong way to call ALLAH, instead say
    ALLAH Ta”ala Or ALLAH (S.W.T)
    hope u dont mind it .
    THanx 🙂

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