“Investing” in a dress @ Ayesha Khurram’s

I know, I know,
You all wanna bash me for writing a dress review right after I wrote the previous post of mine, but hey, since we are buying one dress ‘Less’ each month, why not choose better?

On a similar hunt myself, I found myself standing inside the new Brands Just Pret outlet at the seaview Dolmen (it seems to be my fave place lately). And when I say new, I mean so new that the fresh wood will make your eyes water!

Anyways, the pain of us chubby people is that we Ooh & Aah at all pretty dresses but keep moving forward till we see a size refreshingly different from the size zero shirts dominating the racks!

So I kept moving forward till I noticed dresses with delicate brooches pinned to the sides or on the collars in a fabric that was thin enough to suit the khi heat wave but also had a silky sheen to it.

That portion of the store showcased clothes by Ayesha Khurram, a veteran designer who recently decided to also own her own signature store. All her dresses were contemporary cuts for a summer eve outing, embellished with either laces with dashes of burnished gold or pins studded with diamontes.

After trying out Ayesha K’s designs I finally decided on a a lovely orange shirt with a 4 yard flounce and a gorgeous paisley brooch with diamontes and a Carnelian stone  on the top left.

wouldn’t that look lovely paired with plain white silk capris or a churidar!

The best thing about this was the facility to buy online after showing the dress to hubby dearest on their website!

So whenever you want to give in to the whims of retail therapy or necessary buying, Buy Smart so it lives with you longer!


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