Nostalgic LAWN-ging

Back in the stone ages (year 2000) when the only Lawn prints were made by Gul Ahmed and Jubilee; a wave of WOW hit town when a who-is-he-again designer launched a series of designer lawn prints by the name of Mausummery.

For the first time, there was an exhibition of Lawn Prints held for 2-3 days in a 5 star hotel that had ladies stampeding and salivating. The Daddy of designer lawn prints as I like to call it, hence gave birth to the annual Lawn craze we are now victimized with.

Now although newer designers manage to block the entire horizon with their streamers and billboards, my recent visit to the new Mausummery store at the Sea view Dolmen felt like a wave of nostalgia.

Their knack for simple yet elegant prints with a tiny dash of lace or ribbon has not only managed to stay timeless but gives aesthetic relief to the eyes after the melange of print extensive suits this year.

I for one am in love with their plain black shirt with an embroidered neckline and cant wait to get it from the tailor who is actually breathing a sigh of relief for not having to manage a gazillion pieces that all fit in one suit!

Furthermore, amongst the highly priced suits by other designers, Mausummery is still priced between an amazing PKR 1300-3700. This comes as a pleasant surprise while comparing price tags


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2 Responses to Nostalgic LAWN-ging

  1. Tya Khan says:

    I love the way you write, and i think you have put every thing so perfectly in words. I so agree with all the now lawn exhibitions that have been arranged every now and then but i hardly see any thing really good and worthwhile there, plus they all look the same. the print of Mausummery that you have posted in this post looks amazing, simple yet elegant, not a mixture of designs just beautiful. Love it
    Thank you for sharing this 😀

  2. sama says:

    spot on regarding the tailors crying over having to put pieces together (and getting it all wrong most of the time). miss wearing lawns,the one suiting that hides signs of the amazing food you’ve been eating and accentuates everything beautiful in women.

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