Maya Khan pleads schizophrenia

How else can a person go from this…

to this…

Oh its not hypocrisy?

is it? *heartbroken*


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7 Responses to Maya Khan pleads schizophrenia

  1. fishu says:

    where did u get these pics from…hahhahah

  2. Tya Khan says:

    Hello I nominated you for the Liebster blog award ! Please check the rules on🙂 all the best

  3. Fahad Naeem says:

    We have surrounded by hypocrites and traitors. We can’t do anything marium.

  4. demonsking19 says:

    hahahaha she is a b**** , good news is ,sama has fired her 😀
    and the best video ever made on Mulana maya khan

  5. This just made me crack up!

    The whole fiasco had me in stitches. Good thing she’s gone now.

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