The year that was Twenty Eleven…

2011…what an year!
Surprises, changes, some downs and lots of highs.

An year of Jalsa’s, political upheavals, Veena Malik (but ofcourse), young MS engineers (prayers for Arfa) recurring floods, cannibals….what not!
But…this blog post is not about them or for them, it’s rather all about me! (check URL :p)

But before begining, there are a few people I must thank.
Mom & Dad: You have been my life force. You’ve made the person I am today and given how many people love me, I’d say you’ve done a great job. Love you!
F: best friend turned soul mate, I couldnt have asked for more. I<3U
Sibs: *big huggie and kiss* …I have my eye on you two :p.
M: wish you could have been there!
and my friends (NM, NH, S, FB) specially T for being my best girl during my wedding and to FL for letting her be there!

new years are exciting for me since shortly after, I look forward to my birthday celebrations however, this year though, amongst the usual friends and family sat another certain someone who no one knew then that later would be my to-be 🙂

A hint of spring in the air. Friend turns into suitor & the magic of valentine’s eve weaves the words into something far more promising.
Shortly after, met in-laws for the first time.
….and then we got engaged!

Sad goodbyes to wi-tribe after more then 3 years of making friends and accomplishing goals

2nd day of the month belongs to my parents, its their wedding anniversary *woohoo* and this time instead of the usual 5 people around the celebration table, its 6 🙂
… However, the wedding is in a month’s time and I still haven’t decided on the Shadi jora, didn’t like anything as yet 😦

Is it normal to have a complete god-awful bawling, screaming breakdown a few days before  your wedding?

And the celebrations begin. Starting with F’s dholki, my mayun, the daily dance practices.
within a few winks and  lot of nerves came the mehendi and shadi days, the instant departure to Lahore. Sister-in-law’s wedding and then our valima.

The post-wedding dinners and Lahore touring were freckled with occasional Gorgonzola and Gingeritas at Cosa Nostra, topped with an exclusive private tour of the fort. (According to the fort guards, even Jemima Khan didnt get that!!

23rd June:
The day we arrived from LHR with the flight to Malaysia at night, my cousin A had her 2nd baby’ my adorable new neice Fatima. Perfect Timing =D

24th june onwards
Malaaaayyyssiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and heavy bikes and roller coasters and beaches.
Oh wat bliss

Mom and H get birthday treats from Malaysia…whoopee and I start making a home with my best friend F

(week 1) I’m excited, it’s F’s birthday this month and I’m planning a big party BUT I dont know how to keep it a surprise from Fahad
(Week 2) We are staying with mom this week…that gives me the perfect opportunity to plan/organize the party and decorate the house!
(week 3) K (F’s close friend) to the rescue with a mission to keep F away from our place!
(week 4)SURPRISEEEE……. *heart*

– Eid preps meant a flabberghasted F keeping me company during trips to Asiana and Kehkeshan, it meant Eidi coming from susraal and maika! *yay*

OMG OMG…F got me an adorable kitten..her name is Chinchi 😀 I *heart* her to bits.

Oct End
Chinchi couldnt be with us for long. She caught some virus and after a whole night of being in pain, died at 6AM in our arms.
F made a floating lantern to keep her company in cat heaven 😦

30th Oct:
Celebrating Halloween at our place. Had thought I’d make Chinchi wear a bumble bee costume 😦 but now I’m dressing up as a cat instead

Its time for Eid and this time its in Lahore & Faisalabad.
Cant wait to meet everyone there, have BBQs, shop till I drop and sight see all the old Lahore areas missed the last time (Still adamant on going to see the Heera Mandi area much to F’s displeasure…but its for a photojournalistic cause)

Nov End:
Heera Mandi doesnt exist anymore *sigh* (damn you Shahzad Nawaz and Louise Brown).
Opted to go to Cuckoo’s instead for dinner to meet Iqbal Hussain and take pics of what used to be the Mohalla and is now a food street (commercialization around the fort is so sad)

6 months being married already?
An amazing new year’s eve celebration this time with F and some of our close friends…and guess what…A super hot job offer as well!
M’s in town after 6 months of the shadi :p but atleast she is here!
what a perfect year MA!

Hello 2012!

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3 Responses to The year that was Twenty Eleven…

  1. F says:

    I love you..


  2. ghazala arif says:

    momo u r da BEST m really proud on u love u sweetie n wishes u all da best always.

  3. Tya Khan says:

    No doubts 2011 was a very impt n a special year:)))) yet was lovely enough to leave amazing memories:))))) *hugsssssss* Love u babe.

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