I have turned into…My Mum!

Early this morning, ( like 8:00 am early) when I was getting ready for some work.. I suddenly felt as if I had shut the closet door on my face rather then the other way coz …BANG …the thought hit me square between the eyes.

I take a moment to pause, step back & look at myself. Kajal stick poised on one eye…shouting cleaning orders to MK (not mortal kombat but our domestic help)…Stacking neat piles of night clothes in the armoire…


I have turned into my mum! Oh yeah!

People who know me can vouch for the fact that I do not do anything else when I have work to go to, I never stacked clothes before and at 8:00 in the morning while being fully dressed? F*** No!

I have a neatly folded chit of ‘dhobi clothes’ stuck with a magnet on the fridge

I know the atay daal ke bhao as well as the quantity of monthly groceries needed.

Just another day, after having some oranges, I left their peels neatly spread on a newspaper to dry for potpourri

Made effin cutesy tabletop flowers out of toilet paper cardboard roll.

I not only have but also give F the daily dose of vitamin supplements (i have never completed an antibiotics course, much less vitamins)

I made Mk clean the entire bedroom before leaving for work.

There is a jar of washed, dryed n ground ‘khashkhash’ in the spices cupboard for christ’s sakes!
I dont even know what it goes into!

F’s Office wardrobe caretaking is a 2nd religion ( how many of you have seen the waterfall of fabric from my half open closets back then? Haan haan?)

Bills, warranty cards & reciepts are sorted chronologically & filed. (I havent picked up my degree from IBA yet)

This ME person, who never set foot in the kitchen, now makes different dishes for lunch and for dinner Everyday!
….*blurts* Alsohaveapen&papernearbywhilewatchingTVincaseofaninterestingrecipe? 😥

I get an uneasy unpleasant feeling when H (lil sis) hangs out at Forum with her friends, whom i have started calling ‘ Aaj kal ki larkiyan! Mighty disdainfully.

Thought thrice before getting her dance pics from our mehendi, printed for the album.

Aur tou aur I had an outerbody experience and saw myself giving this poor 15 yr old; the same advice all professionally educated girls loathe….”degree milne se khana acha nahi ban jata!”
and then I go through her FB friendslist just in case…


Mommmmmmyyyyyyyyy… *bawllllssss*

[ps grammer, spelling and format nazis, this is a blurt on iPads to-do list so spare me :p ]

[pps mum, proud to be a bit like you <3]


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2 Responses to I have turned into…My Mum!

  1. Tya Khan says:

    I think eventually we all will one day turn into our mums, weather we want to or not, or like it or not:)))) dats how it goes:))

  2. Shahwar says:


Bolo Bolo

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