Coming back to you…

I’m actually singing this, Bryan Adams style just for you blog!
Missed you? of course I did, went awry not being able to bitch and gossip with you!
But then again, couldn’t do all that during the pre & post wedding crazies 😦

Honestly enough, the married part hasn’t quite sunk in yet, though having said that, its a major transformation from wondering about what marketing move should be next to what should I make for dinner today.

And ask any married female, deciding on the iftar/dinner menu is NOT EASY!

Anyways, hoping to make a quick comeback!

err…just as soon as I get my laptop back 😦

more later!

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One Response to Coming back to you…

  1. mqpasta says:

    I buy you on this “deciding on the iftar/dinner menu is NOT EASY!” it becomes more difficult when we(men) enjoy holiday at home … Farmayeshi Program 🙂

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