Has intolerance become our curse?

Humanity and forbearance in Pakistan fell from its high throne a long time ago but today, as the day marks just the 2nd week in the new decade, it’s wallowing in filth. Our ideology has relegated from goodwill to all men, to survival of the fittest

What impelled the construction of mental boundaries with terms like ‘Half castes’, minorities, Mud Bloods?
Who are the individuals giving birth to duplicitous moral uprightness? A new communal order where impressionable youths and hare-brained adults are easily brainwashed & blanched to the extent that they lose all sense…all COMMON sense of right and wrong?

Why is forbearance the first thing lost by people who join various groups? From seemingly innocent house wives’ groups of **-***** [name removed on request]  to the institutes of various orders, why do normal human beings come out brimming with conceit and arrogance on their knowledge, or how many Ayahs and Rukuh’s do they remember more than the other commoners? Or their new found principals actually fed to them by someone else?

Each day, we come across and share videos of teens with blank faces willingly blowing themselves to smithereens, stories of atrocious gang rapes and murders, cases of mob stoning and public hanging.

Has tolerance died a torturous death due to the pain inflicted over generations? A mind-set developed because of inherited oppression? What must have started with the Russian incursion of Afghanistan and spiked with the never ending Kashmir mayhem and goes on to the maltreatment of families in foreign lands – has that turned our conscience to bottomless pits of vengeance where the actual criminal is not the only one deserving penalty; but whoever crosses their path is.

It’s not just them, it’s all of us, our beginnings and foundations have lost its touch. The question remains, is it too late to turn back?

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3 Responses to Has intolerance become our curse?

  1. neel123 says:

    Yes indeed, beyond any shred of doubt ………. !!

  2. Nawaz says:

    We have lost far more than our ability to tolerate… we have become an utterly disgusting people, who are by far distributed and delusional to say the least. We are now extremely self-centered, as much as I hate to say this, we have in essence ended up being less of a nation of people, rather a nation of individuals only.

    And I don’t squarely blame people for ending up like this. Unfortunately the state we are in due to economic and social instability, everyone is scared for their own dear life, and in this situation, people are bound to become insensitive. This is exactly how nations easily fall apart. And our so-called leaders are doing just that, ie breaking us apart, and also letting some foreign enemy takeover so easily, as we are so divided.

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