A series of unfortunate events – Sunday [7th Nov 2010]

No, I’m not writing a movie review. Rather venting out the rants the bubble up as tension & excitement ebbs away.

Saturday night ended with my friend’s grand dholki and a grander fever ala carte.

Sunday morning, the kitchen tube light frame, not the tubes but the entire frame with shades and grill simply falls off the roof where it had been since the last 5 years. Thankfully it missed anyone by mere inches

Sunday evening, while about to park in front of one of the sea facing restaurants, a car out of nowhere slams into us and for moments after the bone jarring impact that turned us a 45 degree on the road, all I could see was a car skidding across the road into another and tires bouncing on the road

Within minutes, mobs had encircled my car and the one that hit us and had come to a stop almost 20 ft ahead out of which 2 girls and 3 guys stepped out. After a lot of lies and drama as to who was actually driving, the boys ran off leaving the 2 girls alone to defend their case

Sadly at that point, no security forces could be contacted to help either of us out. 15 didn’t pick any calls, 1 CPLC number was continuously busy and the other was unreachable. Till we called up some people, we were as good as stranded and unable to detain anyone

Anyways, after the usual call the cops, call a more powerful person then the other parties routine, the other car got detained and the girl driving – who also claimed she didn’t have any one in the world and had no money despite owning an Iphone, a 2009 civic and a credit cards – and truly, no one as yet has come up to take her home or get her out of the situation.

When the police finally got to her records, turned out the female is actually a hooker based in Hyderabad!

Whooaa – innit!!

Our car when it came home on a tow truck with the back completely missing 😦





her car’s front left where it slammed into us


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6 Responses to A series of unfortunate events – Sunday [7th Nov 2010]

  1. Taimoor Ahsan says:

    I seriously think you need a baby’s shoe or black cloth under your car ! this is seriously unlucky !

    • Marium Arif says:

      even the unlucky bit had a twisted sense of humour, still have that lady on our hands to deal with.
      Baby’s shoe? thats the first time im hearing this one, but will try that too 🙂

  2. Nawaz says:

    Haha the baby’s shoe is a new one 😛 horse shoe made some sense, but then that’s superstition.

    Sadqa de do, that’s more important and thank Allah that everyone is safe… and may He protect everyone from harm. Aameen.

  3. Omair Khalid says:

    interesting ….. a hooker is earning more than a Professional Doctor !!!! :p

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