What Pakistan needs is a PR Agency!

I had the misfortune of going through 2 episodes of BiGG BoSS (Season 4) on ARY Digital and the horror of watching Veena and Ali Saleem unwittingly (read = DUH!) shred the tiny semblance of Pakistan’s image on international television

So to list a few, here is why both or the likes of them should have never been allowed on an international reality show

          they look horrible without make-up

          They have zero personality in front of the other house residents

          Both of them have absolutely no class and no oratory skills

          Ali is being called Begum, officially…even in his non-begum mode

          His strategy to look good in the game is by becoming a laughing stock, a house clown instead of showing some personality rather than the lack of it

          Similarly Veena’s strategy of trying to appear pious and [quote] Religious and a one-man woman [unquote] are making them both look like Pakistani Laughing stocks.

          Veena Malik’s drone about Mohammad Asif on international media, with her bout of emotions and choice of words was literally a foot in mouth moment

          Both regrettably believe that ‘no publicity is bad publicity’


Having said that;
Mutual programming for Pakistani airways after Indian channels were banned on registered cable providers’ networks due to lack of landing rights (Or because a certain media mafia wanted all the viewership to come their way), should have been taken by the government or some ministry as an image building opportunity for Pakistan

What Pakistan needs without much ado is a PR agency, controlled by strictly non-governmental, erudite, progressive yet moderate individuals with a vision. The government in reality would be that agency’s client where the decision making authority on the subject would lie with the agency.

1) That particular agency would have to undertake the gruesome task of grooming and giving media training to all those individuals, political faces, celebrities, sportsmen and budding talent that has the capacity to make it to the international media and issue them ‘International Spokesperson licenses’.

This would allow only these license holding Pakistani nationals to accept offers to speak on the international media as long as they abide by the regulations set by the agency, while noncompliance to the same should result in immediate expiry of the permit

2) The second job of this PR agency will be to pair up with PEMRA and control and monitor the Pakistani content that goes on air internationally via Pakistani channels with international Landing rights.

3) Finally, a comparatively simpler task is to campaign frequently. PR Campaigns covering the positive aspects of Pakistan on international media, like showcasing the brimming Pakistani talent in various industries; Like publishing interviews of ordinary Pakistani’s volunteers who made saving flood and earthquake victims possible . By grabbing airtime for those well reputed Pakistani’s who are supporting their country by excelling in their fields in foreign soils. Or like now when the Pakistani Army has won a Gold Medal in Cambrian Patrols

This does seem huge and practically impossible but is pivotal at the same time. Let this be a new era where, if not the government, but private institutes, organizations, associations, electronic and print media, Industry Icons decide to step up to save the country rather than working only to save themselves.

All it will take is the realization that when an outsider points a finger on the activities of someone like Faisal Shahzad, back talks about Pakistani actresses’ character, laughs at a national eunuch, or praises someone like Aisam Ul Haq, they are not doing so at the individual, but at Pakistan as a whole.

So will there be an institute that is willing to take up this heroic challenge and soon?


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2 Responses to What Pakistan needs is a PR Agency!

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  2. Nawaz says:

    If these self-centered and absolutely no good so-called celebrities had any real brains they’d be doing whatever it takes to promote the country and its richness, not like they are doing now. These no-good, ugly and utterly ridiculous people just make us all look bad. The PR agency part is long overdue…

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