Road Rage-Ramadan-Roza jo hai!!

Allah knew that unless reminded continuously, our nature would immediately revert to our primitive side, Tribal, barbaric… & so he thought why not an entire month of refresher training to teach us discipline & self control, to distill a sense of compassion in us.

Uhh…self control what??
Do not talk to me when I’m fasting, I will bite your head off and I won’t even apologize coz Hey, I’m fasting, it’s the chemical imbalance speaking, not me!

We go beserk without a few hours of caffeine & nicotine or stuffing ourselves with glutton and as soon as the sun starts the decline, the fading UV rays cause a further frenzy inside us which is expressed by blaring horns, driving as if you are about to pee your pants, screaming at everyone, shaking fists, showing fingers.

Roll down a window at a signal or a bumper to bumper drive and count how many people (if you are not one of them yourself) do you see leaning out of their windows or standing on the roadside shouting,

Oye, Roza lag raha hai kiya?

Roza rakh k ehsaan kar raha hai?

Not just the drivers, try bargaining with a fruit cart wala and he’ll probably say

Chalo bhai, rozay mai dimagh nahi khapao

Road side accidents and death tolls rise in all Muslim countries in Ramadan with the peak rate starting from the 6th hour all the way up to the 14th hour after Sahoor.

Ramadan 2009 in Pakistan officially reported 4000 road rage casualties with 32% fatal accidents
|Source: Report by Ministry of Health-GO. Oct 2009|

The second surge of road rage comes after Iftar, during 8pm onwards, that’s when we all rush for our Eid shopping, because if we don’t rush someone else is going to buy the entire 100 yard roll of that gorgeous fabric and we will end up dressed as a pauper on Eid.

Unfortunately, Ramadan becomes the most unproductive month in the entire year with the usually bustling workplace filled with sleepy cranky colleagues, dwindling work and each morning you think, had it not been for the attendance, I would not even work in Ramadan. And of course, you have the much nerve wracking drive back home to look forward to every day.

Something tells me that Allah didn’t want Ramadan to turn out this way and each evening when HE sits on the 7th sky looking down HE sighs and says, Roza nahi rakha jata to mat rakho bhai!

Footnote: Unfortunately the lack of control doesn’t end with Ramadan Road Rage, the Sialkot incident and now the Multan one shows the raving levels of intolerance in people…such is a time to look back and think why this month was created in the first place


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1 Response to Road Rage-Ramadan-Roza jo hai!!

  1. Nawaz says:

    And this is exactly what I’ve been saying and lamenting for years. The best I’ve been able to do is limit interactions with people to the extent that it doesn’t get me into trouble with them. At least I know what it is to experience Ramadan, though I may not be the best person doing so either.

    And rightly said, it is increasingly becoming alarming the lack of self-discipline at all levels. Forget Unity, forget Discipline, the very Faith of people is at its ebb, soon to just flow over like the froth at the brim of a glass, and evaporating away with the passing moment. Why oh why have we lost everything that we have been taught for centuries? Why have we just becoming Muslims on paper, but no longer by heart? We have lost everything… we have done away with the very basics, so whatever was after that has nothing to do with us… at least not worth considering. Shame on us all!

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