One Sided…

The sky is grey; though it’s a regular mid-may day but the storm is approaching her shore fast.
She looks out at the sea; it’s also is grey. Bold breakers batter the sandy coast and the stone walls. The normally fearless, swooping, seagulls, have taken sanctuary high in their nests. Not her though. She is here just as she always does, taking a reroute back from an early day of work down the marine drive.

A stop over, looking out over miles, and miles, of churning grey water.
She sits and she thinks.

Cold, fine, drizzle is falling, soaking her to the skin. Do you remember that type? The sort you only get near the sea…the sea fret they call it.

She feels opiated, your fluttering fleeting attention plays with the frayed ends of her nerves like a cat would with a ball of wool, probing, clawing, throwing afar and then pulling back.
The roar of a thunder bolt momentarily startles her out of the reverie. Looking up, she sees lightening break her sky into jagged pieces.

Zeus is angry again.

but who is to know if he is angry at the world in which he sees foolish mortals fall in the same ditch over and over again. Or at himself, for creating the heart, mind, soul and emotions in the first place

She traces a pattern of a web in the sand with a finger, then smiles at her own subconscious irony, each step she tries to take away from you, entangles her further, deeper, around her wrists, twisting her ankles, locking around her neck, tightening each passing day, each passing moment.
If she breaks away, it would also break the fragile threads of the little moments of togetherness, but if she doesn’t, these threads turn into metal wires that strangle and cut through her peace of mind.

She takes a deep breath to stop her heart from constricting like it does every time she thinks about you. Can you see the questions in her heart right now? Can you feel the silent sorrow of her long journey through the pain?
Nothing hurts so bad, nothing hurts so much then being on the wrong end of a single tracked path. It’s a sure shot collision course where survival is the least of your problems, it’s getting out of the circling never ending track where you are the only one going in the opposite direction.

|on bed rest with back injury and guess what’s back…Tranquilizers and relaxants and senti mushy posts due all of next week..Ha (0_o) *wheee* |


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2 Responses to One Sided…

  1. Sana says:

    Awww its BAD to be on bed rests =/ really U feel like left out of Everything! Get well soon 🙂

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