Rajneeti – My Review

After spending the last 3 hours watching the much talked-about movie these days, Rajneeti for me was mostly about giving quizzical looks to the screen instead of what i hoped to be an activist approach to politics

The earliest disappointment hit when Naseeruddin Shah who had been exhibited all over the promotional  material and DVD covers & whose acting i’ve been in love with all over again ever since Ishqiya, disappeared after the first scene of the movie leaving Ajay Devgan behind as his un-owned child.

A slightly better start soon opened up to our multi-talented bolly hero as a university professor becomes an overnight political mastermind, so ruthless that at one point I actually tweeted “Bolly hero turns out to be one conniving ba$t***”

But Ranbir’s oddly contrasting role just gave birth to more and more loopholes, leading up to more revenge and mayhem with shootouts, bomb blasts and what not ultimately showing the end of an entire family, leaving behind only a ‘Bahu’ to carry on the family and the Rajneeti and the acclaimed political genius who flees the country as a way of staying away from his internal political Satan (that’s coz bolly/lolly heroes never die)

Why was Ajay Devgan even portrayed as Bharti and Bhaskar’s child was not reasoned out with, neither was Indu (Katrina) falling in love with Prithvi (Arjum Rampal) over a pure heart when he was equally devious and vicious?

The movie’s end did not give much closure either for I personally expected Ranbir and Katrina to ultimately end up together, but they did not.
Yes that would have been typical bollywood movie masala and perhaps that’s (all) what Director Prakash Jha could attempt to make the movie ‘different’.

 Nonetheless, the movie’s (not too well played out) concept fits the sub-continental ala sub-controversial political scenario where families rather than leaders want to and also end up ruling entire nations.

Commercially enough, Katrina’s classic cotton sari’s, Nana Patikar and Manoj Bajpayees acting excellence, Arjun Rampal’s desirability and the song Mora Piya have undoubtedly been my favorite elements of the entire movie!

Listen to Mora Piya right here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiUKvb-zpnM

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5 Responses to Rajneeti – My Review

  1. faishartisht says:

    Nice one .. can i have this as a guest post from you for my blog 😀 .. only if u approve 😀

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  3. Hence I shall most conveniently skip watching this movie, like I do to all Indian movies barring an exceptional few :p

  4. Nawaz says:

    I shall conveniently skip watching this movie, as I do to just about every Indian movie, barring the very few exceptional ones that somehow manage to squeeze out from them 😛

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