YOU are no God!

| In the light of recent events, where the world is being divided into sects and creed. their caste decides their fate and mortals decided whether they deserve to live or not. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Shia, Sunni, Ahmedis, Tableeghis – who are we to decide whose better? Who are we to disgrace a sect publicly for believing in a prophecy? Who are we to decide whats right whats wrong?|
– we are no dieties|
– We are not God!|

You can’t slay me if I speak the truth, you can’t kill me for my malice
You can’t decide who gets to live or not, you are no god
My beliefs are not public, my faith no wash rag
You can’t finger point at my religion, you are no god
When you yourself are caged in sect, caste and creed
Who are you to decide who is Muslim whose not, you are no god
There’s greater need to douse sham holiness then blazing fires
well then lets start with you, coz you are no god
For all your imperfections, with all your fatal flaws
You are merely a mortal, you are no god!

Munh aayi baat na rehndi ae
What’s on the tongue must be said
Jhoott aakhaan kuch bachda ae
I speak untrue and something remains
Sach aakhaan baambar machda ae
I speak the truth and the fire is lit
Donhaan galaan toun ji jachda ae
I am afraid of both outcomes
Jach jach ke jibhaan kehndi ae
Apprehensively my tongue quivers
Munh aayi baat na rehndi ae
What’s on the tongue must be said
Jiss paya bheit qalandar da
Who puts on the garb of the dervish
Raah khojya apne andar da
Burrows the way into his self
O waasi hai sukh mandar da
Will inherit the temple of peace
Jithay charhdi ae na laindi ae
Where there is no rise or fall
Munh aayi baat na rehndi ae Munh aayi baat na rehndi ae
What’s on the tongue must be said
Ik laazim baat adab di ae
A point to be noted if I may
Saanu baat maloomi sab di ae
I know the secret of all
Har har vich soorat rabb di ae
Inside each is the face of the lord
Kitte zaahir kitte chhup behndi ae
Flowing apparent somewhere hidden
Munh aayi baat na rehndi ae
What’s on the tongue must be said
Ae tilkan baazi vehrha ae
The world is a slippery place
Thamm thamm ke ttur anhera ae
Tread carefully for ‘tis dark
Varh andar wekho kehrha ae
Go inside see who’s there
Kyun khalkat baahar ddhunddindi ae
Why do the people search outside
Munh aayi baat na rehndi ae
What’s on the tongue must be said
Bullah shou asaan toun vakh nahi Bullah,
the beloved is not separate from us
Bin shou te dujja kakh nahi
Besides the beloved there is naught
Parr vekhan vaali akh nahi
But the discerning eye is missing
Taain jaan judaiyaan sehndi ae
Therefore life endures separation
Munh aayi baat na rehndi ae
What’s on the tongue must be said
Parh parh ilm kitaabaan da tu naam rakh leya qaazi
Learning through the rote of books you call yourself a scholar
Hath vich parh ke talvaaraan tu naam rakh leya ghaazi
Grasping the sword in your hand you call yourself a warrior
Makke Madinay ghoom aya tu naam rakh leya haaji
Having visited Mecca and Medina you call yourself a pilgrim
Bullah tu ki haasil kita je yaar na rakhya raazi!
Bullah, what have you accomplished if you have not remained true to your friend!
(Translation by Arieb Azhar)


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4 Responses to YOU are no God!

  1. Nawaz says:

    Very well written and expressed… a question that I always ask, and yet receive no answers, yet I hold on strongly to my belief that faith is between me and my God alone, and no 3rd person can add or deduct anything from it. If it adds value to my learning, great; if it fuels negativity, then such thoughts and people should be avoided at all costs. In fact, I strongly believe that people with such negative views should be left in isolation, so that they know there is no one favoring them.

  2. zaheer javed says:

    Well, well, well…..Do you want to know the truth? Have you the courage to face the truth?……The truth is you are living in fools paradise………….Who permitted you to create a religion of your own?……..If you are Ahmedis, where is your sacred book?
    With a borrowed book, going against the believes of muslims, you want them to
    accept you as there own. Why?……According to them you are ” wajab ul katal” why
    they should not kill you? You think poetic narration will swing public opinion in your favour? You think ammending quraan as per the desire of jews will give make you powerful?And you think all the lions, tigers, bears and jackals have decided to eat cherries?

    • Marium Arif says:

      Zaheer Sb,
      with all due respect for you as my elder and as a learned person..but my reply below will probably also be a voice of many others who think like i do.

      I am not an Ahmedi, or infact from any minority sect. I enjoy all the privelages that society has created for me just because i was born and bred in the most universally accepted cast, but that does not give me a right to judge anyone, or to downgrade any other religion. it does not even give me the right to publicly offend a minority or jeapordize their security in our homeland.
      The first thing i learn as a muslim was Tolerance and humanitarianism. Please quote one hadis or ayat where we are told to kill any non muslims whenever we feel like.
      We are imperfect ourselves, we are not even good muslims much less momins, do we even know how we will be treated in the hereafter? unless we can perfect ourselves, practise rather then just preach, i am sorry but we have no right to finger point anyone.
      In the words of Bulleh Shah,
      Parh parh ilm kitaabaan da tu naam rakh leya qaazi
      Hath vich parh ke talvaaraan tu naam rakh leya ghaazi
      Makke Madinay ghoom aya tu naam rakh leya haaji
      Bullah tu ki haasil kita je yaar na rakhya raazi!

      I do not agree with your opinion, but i will respect it for sure, because i have no right to judge and i do have tolerance for other humans

  3. Nawaz says:

    I’m amused and also bothered by the kind of hatred we have brought within our own selves, unfortunately. I feel that whatever we have learned or understood in our younger years, and what we have been taught as the guiding principles in our lives, have been lost. Why? Was the world too cruel or just to fascinating for us to remember the very basics of the most wonder “code of life”, which is Islam? Islam itself means “peace”, I’m sure you know that, Mr Zaheer. You think Allah will EVER allow His message of Peace to be plundered and abused like we have so far?

    This is what I pose to you as a question, which I hope that as experienced and well learned as you are, of which I believe that I may know only a fraction. I ask you, describe Islam and its basic values and lessons. Then I’d like you to compare it with what has been happening around us.

    I can guarantee you, you will never be able to convince me, nor any one else in the world can do so, that Allah has allowed us to judge another person’s belief on His behalf. We are nothing in front of Him, and NEVER will we be. So stop judging, stop spreading and spewing hate. Only Allah can tell us if someone is wajib-ul-qatl, and frankly speaking, none after our beloved Prophet Muhammad has received a revelation or message from Allah with a command to such a thing. I rest my case.

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