Insomniac babbles!

Its official
I have turned into an insomniac!
An all babble crazy talk on the edge insomniac!
It’s been a month that I haven’t been able to sleep properly, Gorges of dark circles have made home under my eyes and I am perpetually tired!

So here’s a self help list I’ve made for myself and all of you who are sleepless like me

1- Shut off the stupid laptop!
stop reading blogs, stop tweeting, stop replying to chats and mails, Yes the boss is impressed by emails that show weird awkward AM timings but you still won’t be promoted over night!

2- Listen to music!
but only those that you know inside out. Familiarity is hypnotic and comforting

3- Stop worrying!
90% of everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong and will make a huge mess that will hit the fan and splatter itself all over you further. Your firm will not stop functioning without you, you are replaceable by a candidate you think is the pits compared to you but is just darn lucky. You will never be immortalized, Phet will fly you away if it wants to, you will die ultimately and you have 0.00000001% chance of leaving behind a legacy. So chillax!

4- Stop thinking
Stop smirking and read further. Here is my list of a happy high
– sushi + lemonade (but u gotta be wired the wrong way internally for this to work)
– Panadol CF (floaty boaty feeling but a killer hangover the next day)
– if ur a junkie, then go ahead and knock urself out. Tranquilizers dont work for me and mostly result in an internal short circuit *like last night*

5- Tire yourself out
– turn yourself into a workaholic, take up extra projects that make u burn the midnight oil, indulge in a 10 mile run on a treadmill after completing all the work. By the end of it all your cramped aching muscles will force your brain into shutting off

6- Don’t take advice from another insomniac
you must have already lost your mind if you actually take something written by a confessional insomniac at 3:00am on a weekday; seriously!


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3 Responses to Insomniac babbles!

  1. Nawaz says:

    hahaha, good one 🙂

  2. Marium Arif says:

    Thanks Nawaz
    nice to see you here 🙂

  3. FurSid says:

    wah jee… kya list hae… it should really work!! very good compilation !! :p thanks for sharing… it should have a fb like button too 🙂

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