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One Sided…

The sky is grey; though it’s a regular mid-may day but the storm is approaching her shore fast. She looks out at the sea; it’s also is grey. Bold breakers batter the sandy coast and the stone walls. The normally … Continue reading

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Carly Fiorina uses the Muslim heritage as an example

I attended a session on Leadership & Change today held arranged by a member of the senior management who introduced us to Carly Fiorina. Carly was the businesswomen who showed new heights to giants like Lucent (which crashed after she … Continue reading

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Rajneeti – My Review

After spending the last 3 hours watching the much talked-about movie these days, Rajneeti for me was mostly about giving quizzical looks to the screen instead of what i hoped to be an activist approach to politics The earliest disappointment hit … Continue reading

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YOU are no God!

| In the light of recent events, where the world is being divided into sects and creed. their caste decides their fate and mortals decided whether they deserve to live or not. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Shia, Sunni, Ahmedis, Tableeghis – … Continue reading

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a big mistake…

is repeating the same mistake over n over again… Enough with the expectations already!

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a world within my world

I want to go to the ocean and make castles in thin air or pick colors from the rainbow and paint the world with a flair. A world, where you live my wishes and I live yours. where the sky has … Continue reading

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Suffering from creative block? – No More!

creative saturation comes fast and heady when a part of your job description includes Creative problem solving, creative strategizing, creative newness, creative out of the boxness, creative blahness and creative BS-ing! But then part of the creative JD is being … Continue reading

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Insomniac babbles!

Its official I have turned into an insomniac! An all babble crazy talk on the edge insomniac! It’s been a month that I haven’t been able to sleep properly, Gorges of dark circles have made home under my eyes and … Continue reading

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A speck that was me, by the magnfique sea!

Some more from the brief trip to the sea on 24th May 2010 The sunset made the ocean sparkle as if hoardes of crushed diamonds formed its foam. The waves spread out long over the shore, kneeling before the sun, … Continue reading

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