soundscape of a heartbreak

Drop a glass on the ground, and it makes a loud crashing noise.   A picture frame string snaps and it plummets to the floor …and the crash resonates throughout the walls, spreading splinters across the room. Small objects and yet a clamor when they fracture

 So why is it that when something so enormous and important like a heart, breaks…it’s completely silent? Should it not be making a deafening uproar?
A protesting shout…
Or at least some ceremonious echoes, like poignant chimes or a forlorn church bell in a far off distance.

It’s almost as if we wish for it to have a sound…
to distract ourselves with.
Something that obscures the screams of distress in the recess of our minds, or lets you know what’s raging behind a calm voice or masked eyes

But the only reverberations are those in our head.
Like the thrashing of a huge whale trapped in a net
Like the helpless roar of a mother bear who watches her cub being taken away
A feeling as raw as that of an open flesh wound exposed to salty sea water

Maybe that’s what it should sound like…like a thrashing, panicking beast, prisoner to its own emotions, just like it really is.


About Marium Arif

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