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Letter to our local wannabe Talibans, Extremists, and Fundamentalists

Thank you once again for making an entire nation suffer over acts that just a few of you manage to execute. It’s admirable really how you brainwash, train, organize and execute such massive plans. Had you been an organization, we … Continue reading

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soul searching |May 24th 2010|

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YES! …without a valid reason..but it matters nevertheless. only just to me! *hour later* ofcourse still a dull passive way. but regreting the post…need not just to THINK before i post but also what to post!

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soundscape of a heartbreak

Drop a glass on the ground, and it makes a loud crashing noise.   A picture frame string snaps and it plummets to the floor …and the crash resonates throughout the walls, spreading splinters across the room. Small objects and yet … Continue reading

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Hello world!

making a new home here previously on

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