Chummy with the bombs!

The bombs exploded a minute after a i passed marriot at 9-ish, on my way to IBA for my MP paper. It was a darn close call…not to mention the damage had be done bcz of the state of frenzy n distraction we gave the paper in.
Despite of that..Danishmand wud NOT close IBA tomorow..Ohhh Nooo!
we’d hav to stay in iba tonite and gave 3 stupid papers tomorow.
Mums completely freaking out..n rightly so!
Maybe tomorow morning wud be like a scene from Dil Se where i’ll be running midst burning tyres and exploding bombs just to give….
Hope the governor house calls Danny soon and puts an end to the stupid charade
But thats not it..I might be coming down with Typhoid, so if i dont die in the terror attacks probably die next week of going to iba everyday in burning fever!
So i ran outta my allotted absences…when wud iba make exceptions!!

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