Sufi poetry

Sufi poets, be it Maulana Rumi, Hafiz Shirazi or Kabir, or be it the more simpler or better yet the more ‘in’ sufi poets of the day thanx to our music industry, Ghalib, Buleh shah and so on. Each of these poets have a way of relating to every individual. I stumbled across few books in a very quaint little shop and on a whim purchased Diwan-e-Hafiz and Rumi’s Masanvi with translations.
Often, when i staggered to understand the more complex of the verses realization dawned upon me on the duality and the immense vastness of each word and each line.
Written in persian or punjabi, each soul manages to find something that he can relate to. Life’s little obstacles, its intricacies, the simpler joys of life and the greener envy and greed. Be it the precariously thin line of wonder, was this Ish
q-e-Haqeeqi or Ishq-e-Majazi?

O pious of the heart, I am lost in a love, so great
O pain the hidden secrets will become open debate.
Shipwrecked we just float,
O favorable wind arise,
May we one more time gaze upon that familiar trait.
Passage of time and the stars, are but what we fantasize
For compassion and kindness, it is never too late.
In the circle of wine and roses, nightingale’s song is prize
With the aroma and the wine your senses satiate.
O Thou compassionate one, life giver and the wise
One day bestow thy grace upon this mendicant’s state.
For peace of this world and the next, understand what I advise
Magnanimity the lot of friends, and with foes try to relate.


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