Im looking back at my life,
trying to find one wrong deed which i may have done to deserve this,
one incident when i may have walked out on someone or caused a teary eye…one moment when i didnt try to make someone smile or forget their worries…
sadly i couldn’t find any

I blamed people, fate, myself, I protested to GOD, pleaded to him..requested…to no availThey say its a test… wat kind of a test is this?? They say, HE puts the ones he loves thru obstacle strews paths… that too doesn’t make any sense to me

Now.. i’m standing by the shore braving against each wave that rushes towards me furiously but each dying as they touch my feet.. is this wat life is all about??
When I was at the pinnacle. i had milllions of faces smiling with me, lots of people to lean on, many to enjoy my life with…but the moment I felt my world slip from under my feet they all died like these waves.

I can hear the ocean calling my name.. far far away the full moon is beckoning me… I start to walking towards it…it feels so right.
Just as i the shore fell into nothingness, the waves embraced me with swirling arms…the same waves that were dying @ my feet were now welcoming me into their kingdom, loving me as their very own I feel free…more free then i ever had in my life time.Im gonna like my new home
Tomorrow.. they may miss me.. they may not.. they’ll say she was a nice person… they’ll probably shed a tear or two or gossip about what may have driven me to such psychotic frenzy.. but then the day after… they’ll go back to their lives without realizing that it was them who drove me to these heights…

For the last time I turned towards the shore and extended my hand…but there was no one there to take it…the waves felt my despair, rose in rage at all those who braught me pain..They rose to cover my eyes so I’d stop looking back, the enveloped me and cradled me into their loving arms, they pulled me into their depths …to take me into their kingdom, to love me as their very own.


About Marium Arif

Corporate Junkie by day Dreamweaver by Nite Big dreams - Tiny Blog
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