Obsessed with Eyes!

Your eyes are like sunset,
orange and yellow,
shining like moonlight,
soft like marshallows,
bright like the sun,
Like ripples on water,
Glistening like raindrops,
As the galaxies roll over,
wild like the desert,
grainy like sand,
out of reach like the stars,
like the sea and the land,
When I look at you,It’s like fire inside,
A muddle of feelings,I just cannot hide.

Ps: The eyes above are not THE Eyes!! The Eyes arnt crooked 😀

(Edited after 30 min of posting)
Post Publishing Syndrome:

what was I thinking?
Geez… at times i have no clue why i write what i write, what makes me type in a frenzy that comes and goes at its own free will.

Days seem to be dragging by lately, theres something in the air i just cant decipher even though the presence is so thick that i could probably scoop it to fill an ice cream cup.
Maybe some things if going to happen, maybe my sixth sense is too worked up.


About Marium Arif

Corporate Junkie by day Dreamweaver by Nite Big dreams - Tiny Blog
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