5 years ago: I was 17, carefree, immature, happy-go-lucky and blind to the obstacles that were about to come my way.

Snacks I enjoy: Hmmm…anything coated, dipped, sprinkled in cheese

5 Things I’d do w/ $100 million dollars: Get a Finance expert to invest it in a way that it becomes a $1000 in an year, then id invest $500 from it in more profitable ventures and with the remaining half, Id try to make life as convenient and lavish for the ppl I love.

5 places I would run away to:
1) My Happy Place
2) land of unconcious delrium
3) Ignorance-ville
4) The Black town
5) Im outta emotional names

5 things I would never wear:
1) Plastic
2) Rubber
3) Paint
4) red silk dhoti
5) mustard yellow silk shirt

5 favorite tv shows:
Kyunke saas bhi kabhi bahoo thi
Ha! No :-p
1) Friends
2) Ed
3) Stark Raving Mad
4) Grounded for life

5 greatest joys:
1) Love
2) Love by my side
3) Love with m all the time
4) Love attainable
5) And love always happy
(i dont even try making sense any more!)

5 favorite toys:
Toys? Toys??? *snort*
ermmm, lets see. I still luv..
1) Legos
2) My collection of 57 Barbies
Hi-Tech Toys:
3) My cell
4) My mp3 player
5) My…umm…infrared device?? heheh

People I’m tagging:
Sara Alvi
….and everyone who comes in here!!

About Marium Arif

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