Detecting brain………….Not Found!

Iv got my maths paper in a few hourz and here i am sitting infront of my PC, writing absolutely nothing meaningful on the blog, Dino blabbing in the background on IM playing Jawad Ahmed’s Taray Dub Gaye ne!!
Ughhh..i hate both of em, but im still listening, still watching n still not studying *bummer*
Fell asleeep on my journal last nite while practising maths and this morning showed me half of the integration formula’s on my cheek..heheh!
The hands on the clock are ticking by…Tictoctictoctictoc
and with each tic, i can feel the Arithmatic and Logic Unit in my head coming a ‘tic’ closer to giving me this error…
‘Disk Formatted – All Data Lost!!’

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