Listening to: Dheere Dheere
Mood: tense :-
Its 1am, im up since 8 in the morning, have been studying since but still cant feel myself getting evenremotely sleepy!!
Valiantly tried to struggle with business maths today, but my progress was like being in a bad car with no AC on a hot humid day crawling across town in a bad traffic jam!
Id luv a massage rite now!

Planning to start a business with a friend, with me being incharge of the creative stuff. Hope we can ge the feasability out after the hourlies and get serious for once *Ka-Ching $$$$$$$$$*

hey…i feel sleepy suddenly..I think..I..umm..I should……*ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz*

About Marium Arif

Corporate Junkie by day Dreamweaver by Nite Big dreams - Tiny Blog
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