Looking back…

Listening to: Sur-Aankhien
Mood: Contemplating life

On my way back from IBA today, i heard a guy humming these lyrics..
Palat ke jo dekha
ankhien hueen namm
Aya nazar jab…
adhoora sa jeevan.

The sadness in those hooded eyes and the wistfull smile forced me to halt and look back at my own life.
Not a worthwhile deed, not a mentionable achievement.
Was i just wasting away these 2 decades…when i look back after a few yrs will i see the same gray road in the midst of nothing.

I remember my teacher holding my hand on the last day of school in 1999 and saying…
“Im leaving you the joy of living a complete mystery”
But whats in the last chapter of this mystery?

A badly written script? a weak plot?
or maybe a thriving climax with a happy ending?


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