Yeowch!! Reality bites.

Movies are so dillusional, they make reality hazy, like seeing life through rose tinted glasses. So there we are sighing at those chivalrous facades, getting dreamy-eyed while swaying to the lyrics and then mixing up the actors with our ownself.
the dancing around the trees doesn’t look too corny then either!

But its not just the movies, even those innocent Grimm brither fairytales we were made to read as kids played a major part in making all those pretty colourfull baubles become precious jewels, tiny rooms got tranforming into celestial palaces, and the scariest dragons got slayed by knights in shining armour, our very own prince charming.
With time, that imaginery prince charming plants itself firmly into our minds but when we need them to slay the dragon we realize how skillfully we were entranced by magical words, pictures, images and movies…and most of all we face the dream shattering truth that actually, that prince does not exist.

We r silly…arent we?!


About Marium Arif

Corporate Junkie by day Dreamweaver by Nite Big dreams - Tiny Blog
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