A para written wen i was feeling suicidal a few days ago…

Mood: Suicidal

The excruciating pain kept on intensifying, while tears poured from my diliated and clouded eyes.Another wave of flaming pain rose within…i pressed my temples in an unsuccesfull attempt to block it out. My pulse had a rythm of its own…rapid and then testy.Another wave of pain rushed from my head to the rest of my body, an agonizing sound rose from inside me but died at my parched lips.Slowly, like millions of freezing bug scrawling up my legs and spine numbing it. I frantically tried to rub my body to bring back some warmth but froze when it caused another wave of blinding pain in the back of my head.i quit trying and let my tears flow down the sides of my eyes and drenched the pillow.My life played like a flashback in my mind, my family, friends, college life, my beloved, and then it stopped at the most beautifull vision of my life.”Mom” a soft whisper and a sigh…my pain eased, my senses healed, i felt as light as a cloud rising higher andhiger towards a bright white light.I looked back at my mortal abode resting with a soft smile and dried tears. Smiling back at it i proceeded with my journey above and left my beloveds crying below.

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