Marriage is the solution to all relationship problems – Not!

(Response to someone’s rant on a blog I came across)

Thinking that a marriage is the solution to all relationship problems – is probably the worst reason to get married for.

I’m not going to make clichéd claims revolving around marriage being a sacred institution; this has been inculcated deeply already in our culture as soon as puberty hits – At times even earlier.

But making a marriage work is undoubtedly the biggest challenge you will ever face in your life & it will be a 24/7 job. Dealing with multiple people from different schools of thoughts and backgrounds; all of who carry their own baggage and experiences. No breaks, no vacations, no leaves.

The efforts you put in will be your own, the benefits you reap will be yours and so will be the losses. In this job, no action; big or small can be pushed aside believing that it doesn’t affect you because directly or indirectly IT WILL AFFECT YOU!

However, the one thing that can help overcome all problems is mutual respect.
Give it. Earn It. Inculcate it in your off springs.

Respect for each other has the power to solve things where love seems to fade, tolerance teeters at the edge, lack of dialogue or a cold war gridlock

& especially when you start to wonder “Why did I even…?”

The only thing that will keep you from going over the edge is respect for the other.

The only thing that’ll keep them from doing something drastic against you is respect.

Fear & Respect are two very different things.

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Albela Rahi

Our lives have a purpose; to be useful, to be helpful and to be hopeful. Without compassion and the will to make lives better for others, we can’t really say that we’ve done well with our life.

These don’t have to be huge acts of philanthropy; these don’t even have to involve monetary donations but can be something as simple as making people smile to lessen their burdens for a while.

Coke rekindles the spirit of kindness with its latest campaign as it shows ordinary people like me and you, indulging in random acts of kindness. Alamgir’s Albela Rahi isn’t just the perfect background to the ad but also an act of recognizing our national treasures.

The team at Coke doesn’t stop at just a simple ad, they have developed a portal that records your contributions as stories and pictures of various acts of kindness. The momentum grows as the word spreads.


Contribute your stories and pictures at the Coke – Wall of Kindness and view what others had to share too while you listen to Albela Rahi!

Ps: Coke’s twitter stream can be followed at #Crazy4Good too

coke 2

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Another Girl In The Mall

P&G Pakistan embarks yet again on a CSR project amongst its multiple already.

the Karo Yaqeen campaign lies under the ‘Always’ wing [pun very much intended 🙂 ] and champions ‘Women Empowerment’ via education for young girls. The company and the brand under the Karo Yaqeen banner have and will continue to award several scholarships to females across Pakistan.

This platform aims to provide young Pakistani girls an opportunity to openly express themselves and instill in them the confidence to pursue their ambitions.

The gorgeous Amina Shaikh and the recently nominated for Women of the Year award; Zeb & Haniya are brand ambassadors for this campaign. Given the present day situation of Pakistan and the gradual rise in women empowerment, this campaign will go a long way.

Amina wore the brand’s new colors to the launch which consisted not only of the media but also female bloggers, career women and socialites…

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Remember the gift distribution activity I had been tweeting about all of 24th & 25th December’12? Well Here is what happened.

Dimagh ki Bhatti

Dec 24, 2012 a quiet, laid back day, Boss away from the office, no pressing work, I sat in my office chair, legs fully extended, yawning like crazy while listening to Jeff Buckley’s rendition of NFAK’s halka halka suroor. Having read tweets from nearly two days ago till the previous minute, I had now started abusing the refresh button on the browser, but to my dismay, information wasn’t pouring in at the rate at which I was hoping it would. During one of these abuse sessions, I read a tweet from one of my acquaintances, FurSid.

Someone he knew, Halima, was asking people to pledge money so that she could go and buy presents for the less fortunate kids to make it a special day for them. I pledged my share and then a thought buzzed through my head. I got up from my seat and headed to the seat…

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Wants are easy. Growing with your capacity to want & to be able to get. Never more never less.
Its what you need that stays elusive. Incessantly clawing at your insides till you want to stop living for the need to go away.
Needs arent just air, food, water or shelter. Needs are so much more.

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cogs & gears

I love watches.
They are like mechanical hearts.
Life beginning when a pulse feeds its tocks & ticks. Each moment whirs and clicks into place like it’s meant to be.
A technique behind the mechanical flight across days and weeks.
At times someone makes an effort to wind their keys again & cover the lag of moments missed.

Sometimes they stop forever.

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Changing skies

Have you ever noticed how the sky looks completely different in a different city?

The same continuous stretch of ozone and blue that wraps the world, differs across borders.

I love it when the skies change.
I hate it when people do.

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Islamic VS Conventional Banking

With my recent understanding of Islamic VS Conventional Banking, I thought why not explain some basics to people like myself who struggle with financial terms.
So here it is!

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Shameless Selfish Me.

The thought of your perfect world coming down like cotton fluff and cards.The impeding sense of some wrong doings brought on by a series of dreams, visions, feelings..


When you ask your mom what to recite to ward of the evil eye, burning laal mirch and phitakri on a hot tawwa.

When you shift from mindless songs to qawali as background music coming through your headphones during work.

When a Dua replaces your standard desktop background graphics.

When you quietly pray for forgiveness for accidentally hitting that guy on the bike when he suddenly swerved in front of you but you were so scared of being alone that you sped off.

“I’m scared”
He laughs and pats me like a child. 

“I need to start Namaz again”
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The Dawn Syndrome

Whose fault is it for creating the impression that you’re really not worth reading until published by Dawn in Pakistan?

I don’t know, but I think I’ve made it to the ‘worth-reading’ list by publishing standards 🙂
Personally, I think there’s a long way to go till I really think I am!


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